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PMID Allele Disease Population Drug Names SNP Class Sentence
33941569 HLA COMPATIBLE (HLA-COMPATIBLE) bites NA NA NA unclassified
when o bites back: unrecognized acute hemolytic reaction from out-of-group hla-compatible platelet transfusion.
33976380 HLA (HLA) symptoms and sign NA NA NA unclassified
compellingly, cd45ra/cd276-depleted grafts from hla-dr4negative donors or in vivo depletion of cd276+ cells after transplant of hla-dr4negative memory cd4 t cells significantly delay the onset of gvhd symptoms and significantly alleviate its severity in nsg-abdegdr4 mice.
34359373 HLA-A*29 birdshot retinochoroiditis NA NA NA unclassified
hla-a29 birdshot retinochoroiditis in its 5th decade: selected glimpses into the intellectual meanderings and progresses in the knowledge of a long-time misunderstood disease.
34359373 HLA-A*29 birdshot retinochoroiditis NA NA NA unclassified
the appraisal of hla-a29 birdshot retinochoroiditis (brc) was fraught with pitfalls and misunderstandings.
34254320 HUMAN LEUKOCYTE ANTIGEN (HUMAN LEUKOCYTE ANTIGEN) transplantation face NA NA NA unclassified
patients with preexisting antibodies to human leukocyte antigen (hla) are at significant disadvantages in regard to receiving a well-matched organ, moreover, those who develop anti-hla antibodies after transplantation face a significant foreshortening of renal allograft survival.
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