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PMID Allele Disease Population Drug Names SNP Class Sentence
31700262 HLA-DQB1 (HLA-DQB1) cramp Korean NA NA unclassified
furthermore, we validated the potential molecular targets of the functions, representatively lcn2, cramp, and hla-dqb1, by western blotting.conclusionthese results may provide molecular signature candidates to elucidate the mechanisms of the immune response by krg.
31718599 HLA-DR (HLA-DR) hypospadias NA NA NA unclassified
langerhans cells in hypospadias: an analysis of langerin (cd207) and hla-dr on epidermal sheets and full thickness skin sections.
31801816 HLA (HLA) plasmodium infection NA NA NA negation
diverse populations of t cells that are not restricted to classical hla (unconventional t cells) participate in the host response during plasmodium infection.
31826574 NA (NA) neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorders NA NA NA unclassified
[expression of hla-dp in patients with neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorders].
31826574 NA (NA) neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorders NA NA NA unclassified
objective: to investigate the effect of hla-dp gene expression on the susceptibility and disease status of neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorders (nmosd).
31986138 HLA (HLA) anisakiasis Croatian NA NA only_studied
genetic susceptibility to anisakiasis was evaluated by genotypisation of human leukocytes alleles (hla).
32020202 HLA-F (HLA-F) rs2523405 NA rs2523393 rs1362126 positive+negation
32183158 HLA-B*27 sulfasalazine NA hydroxychloroquine NA unclassified
32709712 HLA-DR (HLA-DR) sting NA NA NA positive
increased expressions of immunocompetence marker hla-dr (human leukocyte antigen dr antigen) on monocytes and of tbk1, a marker of sting (stimulator of interferon genes) pathway activation, in biopsies were associated with improved progression-free survival (pfs) (9.25 vs 3.5 months, p=0.019; 9 vs 3 months, p=0.003, respectively).
34076478 HLA-B*52 sting NA NA NA only_studied
we here investigated the priming with sting ligand of cd8+ t-cells specific for hla-b*52:01 or hla-c*12:02-restricted protective epitopes from naive t-cells.
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