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PMID Allele Disease Population Drug Names SNP Class Sentence
30772931 HLA-DR (HLA-DR) postoperative wound infection NA NA NA unclassified
effects of interventions varied less than expected between studies: for categorical variables, for instance postoperative wound infection, p < 1 x 10-7 , and for continuous variables, for instance hla-dr concentration, p = 0.00001.
30786885 HLA-DR (HLA-DR) infections hiv NA NA NA positive
additionally, when comparing infected p24+ cells to bystander uninfected p24- cells (after bulk hiv infections), hiv replication significantly increased t cell activation (cd69, cd25, hla.dr, cd38, and ki67) without concomitantly increasing cyct1 protein levels, possibly due to hijacking of p-tefb by the viral tat protein.
30792213 HLA (HLA) primary hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis NA NA NA unclassified
finally, we obtained successful donor engraftment in 2 out of 3 children with primary hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis who, after experiencing gf, were re-transplanted from the same hla-haploidentical donor under the compassionate use coverage of emapalumab, an anti-ifng monoclonal antibody recently approved by the us food and drug administration for treatment of patients with primary hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis.
30888587 HLA (HLA) leishmania infection NA NA NA unclassified
asymptomatic leishmania infection might be associated with certain hla antigens.
30905855 HLA-DR (HLA-DR) anastomotic leak NA NA NA unclassified
monocytic hla-dr expression for prediction of anastomotic leak after colorectal surgery.
30905855 HLA-DR (HLA-DR) anastomotic leakage NA NA NA unclassified
earlier detection of anastomotic leakage (al) after colorectal procedures could minimize the detrimental clinical impact of al and thereby reduce morbidity and mortality.study designwe conducted a prospective study with assessment of the diagnostic accuracy of monocytic hla-dr (mhla-dr) expression compared with wbcs, c-reactive protein (crp), and procalcitonin (pct) in predicting al in patients undergoing elective colorectal operation with anastomosis.
31053880 HLA-DR (HLA-DR) smoldering myeloma NA NA NA positive
pd-l1, lag3, and hla-dr are increasingly expressed during smoldering myeloma progression.
31131681 HLA-G (HLA-G) coronary heart diseases NA NA NA unclassified
the 14 bp ins/del polymorphism in the 3'utr of hla-g may influence the susceptibility for diabetes and coronary heart diseases (chd), thus suggesting a novel candidate gene.
this study provides evidence for relevant genetic determinants of antibody-mediated autoimmune encephalitides outside the human leukocyte antigen (hla) region.
32216088 HLA-B (HLA-B) adverse drug events Hispanic phenytoin NA negation
the role of cytochrome p450 (cyp)2c9 and cyp2c19 genetic variation in risk for phenytoin-induced cutaneous adverse drug events is not well understood independently of the human leukocyte antigen b (hla-b)*15:02 risk allele.
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